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Whether you are an explorer looking for multipurpose expeditions or a hiker looking to get away from the city. Ecuador is the perfect paradise to venture out and enjoy spectacular Andean landscapes in one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in South America and the planet.

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We will live new adventures exploring imposing mountains and beautiful Andean parramos that coexist with lush forests, canyons, valleys and crystalline rivers of impressive natural scenery. Let's explore ancestral routes that are rarely visited by conventional tourism.

Trekking in Ecuador

When we put on our hiking boots and walk through surrounding landscapes of great natural biodiversity we will recognise that life is unique and wonderful in connection with the natural state.

The Inca Trail or Qhapaq Ñan, is a pedestrian network that extended between six South American countries: Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. The Inca Trail in Ecuador was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, since its routes stand out for their great architectural and social value that represent the way of life they maintained with their capital empire.
The Inca trek takes about 3 days to complete, with hikes of approximately 5 to 6 hours per day. The route from Achupallas to Ingapirca is a 45km trek suitable for enjoying the journey.

  • Day 1. Achupallas a Tres Cruces
  • Day 2. Tres Cruces a Paredones
  • Day 3. Paredones a Ingapirca



The Condor Trail is one of the most beautiful and famous treks in the Ecuadorian Cordillera that dazzles with spectacular mountain scenery and breathtaking panoramic views of the biodiversity of the Andean páramo that will lead us to enjoy the mineral hot springs from the underground layers of the Antisana volcano.
The Condor trek takes about 5 days to complete, with hikes of approximately 6-7 hours per day and camping under the stars and constellations of outer space.

  • Day 1. Parque Nacional Cotopaxi
  • Day 2. Volcán Cotopaxi a Río Pita
  • Day 3. Río Pita a Cerro Sincholagua
  • Day 2. Sincholagua a Antisana
  • Day 3. Antisana a Termas Papallacta



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