The Pichinchas Integral Route is an extraordinary trekking adventure through a series of trails, sandbanks, rocks and peaks in the shape of an open horseshoe, where besides admiring the fascinating crater and strata of the volcano with fumaroles activity, we will do field training learning about rock technique and the use of fixed lines on the route of Guagua Pichincha, Padre Encantado, Cero Ladrillos, Ruco Pichincha and the cable car of the city of Quito.

This volcano offers a spectacular ascent route through meadows, grasslands, and sandy and rocky chaquiñanes accessible to beginners and expert climbers. In this acclimatization and training climb, our explorers have the opportunity to ascend different peaks that make up the Pichinchas massif.


The integral route of the Pichinchas offers the best panoramic views of the city of Quito and the elevations that make up the Avenue of the Volcanoes, such as Cotopaxi, Sincholagua, Rumiñahui, Antisana, Cayambe, Illinizas and Corazón.


  • Adventure excursion, training and acclimatization
  • Quiet hike to enjoy the Andean biodiversity
  • Ascend different ridges and rocky peaks on rocky trails
  • Contemplate the horseshoe-shaped peaks surrounding the active fumaroles of the caldera
  • Reach the summit of Guagua Pichincha (4,784 m - 15,695 ft), Padre Encantado (4,520 m - 14,829 ft) and Rucu Pichincha (4,785 m - 15,700 ft)


  • A good level of physical condition
  • Previous experience in mountain hiking
  • No previous climbing experience is required


  • Hikes and treks from 7 to 9 hours
  • Ascent and descent at altitude
  • Each person carries his or her personal equipment following the expedition guide's guidelines


At dawn we head south of the city of Quito, to reach the viewpoint of the town of Lloa (3,215 masl) which is part of the Pichincha massif, from where a branch of the Cordillera Occidental is detached on which you can get a panoramic view of the city of Quito and the valley of Lloa, as well as see the crops of corn, potatoes, cultivated pastures and oats for livestock, etc.. Then we will descend to the Andean valley of Lloa (3,000 masl) where we will activate the 4WD of our vehicles to ascend off road roads through large farms with potato plantations, beans, cereals and groups of cattle and cattle until we reach the shelter of Guagua Pichincha, where we will equip ourselves and begin the hike to its summit (4. 784 masl) to observe the stratum of horseshoe-shaped peaks that surround the volcano with active fumaroles in the caldera that has a diameter of 1.5 km and a depth of 800 meters.

Continuing our way we will advance through rocky and sandy stretches until we reach the second peak called Padre Encantado (4.520 masl), where we can appreciate a spectacular view of the peaks Guagua, Ruccu and Ladrillos, as well as the city of Quito, then we will continue to the summit of Cerro Ladrillos (4. 600 masl) where we will observe a pile of rocks piled up by all the explorers that reached its summit, we will advance continuously through different rocky ridges and peaks until we reach the summit of Ruco Pichincha (4.785 masl), here we will have lunch and observe different panoramic views of the city of Quito. At the end of the day we will descend to the cable car port of Quito to reach (4,267 masl) and return to our hotel in Quito.

Inclusions: AM Expeditions Leadership (Registered Company); Certified Mountain Guides (IFMGA, ASEGUIM | English - Spanish); All logistics and organization of tourist visits; box lunch; private transportation during the trip to and from Quito.

Exclusions: extra food and beverages, insurance or personal expenses, tips (optional).

What to bring on this excursion:

  • Thermal or warm sweater
  • Waterproof jacket and fleece
  • Waterproof sports pants (quick-drying)
  • Comfortable trekking shoes
  • Cap or sun hat
  • Thermal hat and gloves
  • Buff or scarf
  • Lightweight backpack (optional cover)
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Reusable bottle with water
  • Trekking poles (optional)
  • Camera (optional)


    This tour is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
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