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AM Expeditions specializes in leading mountain adventures in Ecuador and South America. Our treks and climbs are authentic ascents with the guidance of experienced professionals. Come climb with us!

We are team of high-level professionals, specializing in tourism trips and adventure expeditions in the most spectacular regions of Ecuador and South America. Our greatest guarantee is our years of experience and sustainable management of national and international tourism with human integrity and professional ethics to manage and satisfy the expectations of all our clients with memorable travel experiences.

Passion and enthusiasm

Andean Mount embarked on the dream of sharing the wonders of Ecuador with the world, this great illusion has allowed us to travel and collect thousands of memorable stories in the lives of our travel guests. Thus, a multitude of positive factors highlight the difference of the Andean Mount | Travel expeditions seal, but if we had to sum it up in three words, we would mention: passion, visio,n and sustainable innovation of national and international tourism.

When you travel with us you won't just join any tour, but you will embark on memorable expedition journeys with the guidance of experts and experienced professionals.

Our dream

Our shared dream motivates us to work in the same direction without taking shortcuts; our team promotes integrity, respect, qualit,y and efficiency to build day by day a better company led with attitude and responsible aptitude that is projected to last in time, through quality tourism services and in optimal conditions for the current and future generation of guests and explorers.

We are committed to driving real growth in the quality of life of our partners, collaborators and inhabitants of all the places we visit. Through our brand, we seek to create new experiences by sharing with different cultures, customs, and traditions. This purpose is evident in our company's commitment to supporting local communities.

Bringing people together for a better world!



We know from personal experience that these remarkable individuals can lead great expeditions, all of our guides bring considerable knowledge, enthusiasm and experience to each trek and climb. In addition to being professionals with extensive experience, our leaders have skills and knowledge in wilderness first aid, survival skills, empathy, cultural awareness and among other qualities of service, respect and kindness. Your success is our success, because you will always have the maximum support of our guides and the entire AM EXPEDITIONS TEAM.


Franklin is an experienced professional high mountain guide (IFMGA / ASEGUIM) and director of the rescue team of the Ecuadorian association of mountain guides. He has climbed all the volcanoes of Ecuador as well as the south face of Aconcagua (Argentina), Alpamayo, Pirámide de Garcilazo, Huascarán, Esfinge (Peru), among others.


Robinson is an experienced high mountain guide (IFMGA /ASEGUIM) and instructor of the Ecuadorian mountain guide school. In his extensive background of more than 20 years as a mountaineer he has made numerous ascents on various technical routes to the highest peaks of the Ecuadorian Cordillera, South America and Europe.


Hugo is a mountaineer who has been climbing in South America for more than 25 years. As a certified professional high mountain guide (IFMGA, ASEGUIM), he has led numerous expeditions in Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Germany and Austria. He is also a member of the rescue team of the Ecuadorian Association of Mountain Guides.


Diego is an experienced high mountain guide (ASEGUIM), most of his life he has developed outdoor sports doing numerous trekking camps and ascents in the mountains of the Ecuadorian Cordillera and several routes in South America, his experience and passion for nature make him a great specialist in adventure travel.


Fabian in a guide (ASEGUIM), has extensive experience in treeking and climbing expeditions in Ecuador; being a native and speaking the ancestral Quechua language, Fabian has a vast knowledge of the culture, history, flora, fauna and way of life of the local people and communities, which makes him a great guide of the Andes.


Ivan is a high mountain guide (ASEGUIM), he has been guiding expeditions in the Andes for several years. His passion has not only led him to climb the highest mountains in Ecuador, but has motivated his numerous expeditions as a guide to Peru and Bolivia. Among his many passions is the art of tuning 4x4 off-road vehicles.


Clara is a professional historical guide (BA in cultural historical tourism), her extensive experience and passion for managing sustainable tourism initiatives highlights her expertise in cultural diversity and the dialogue of local, regional and national knowledge.


Chris is a mountaineer responsible for the logistics of our trips and expeditions. He is responsible for organising and managing issues related to transport planning, menus, accommodation, camps, equipment and all the supplies needed for high mountain ascents and expeditions.

We are sure that in all our excursions and mountain ascents you will enjoy pleasant moments and unforgettable experiences, because we are committed to do our best work, motivation and effort to achieve success on the way to the top in a proper way and with all the guarantees of safety.

Contact us and ask anything you want, we are here to help you reach your goals and objectives with honesty, respect and enthusiasm for adventure. Come climb with us!